Free Trial Periods

You are encouraged to download either CBW5 (for churches) or CBW6 (for Homeowners Associations) and give it a test ride for 60 days, starting from the date you actually open the program. These are the actual production programs; the “Trial Period” allows you to evaluate the program to see if you like it. If you do any productive work, it will still be there when you purchase the license to continue using the program. When you make that decision and send in the user’s fee, we will send you the key to unlock the program forever, or as long as you continue to use it, whichever comes first.

A copy of Microsoft Access (2002 or later) is required to use the program. A free Microsoft Access Runtime program is available with somewhat limited function for Windows operating systems after XP.

The key is a mathematical construct, based on your organization’s name, city, state, and zip code, which we take from the registration you furnish when you download the program.

During the trial period, you may get assistance from ChurchMouse Development, either via e-mail ( or telephone (1-888-ChMouse [246-6873]).

Both program downloads (CBW5 and CBW6) contain:

  • The front end application programs (CBW5.mde / CBW6.mde)
  • The back end tables (CBWn_be.mdb) with minimal startup suggestions
  • CBWnHelp files (.pdf and .chm formats)
  • CBWn file (containing CBWn_be.mdb) which you can use to kick the tires
  • CBWn NewUser (or EmptyTables).zip file file (containing CBWn_be.mdb) which you can unzip to get a fresh start with your own data

You can have only one copy of CBWn_be.mdb in use. Unzipping one will overwrite the one already in the folder.