ChurchBook/HomeOwners Association (CBW6)

CB/HOA IS TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN VIEWING THE PROGRAM, PLEASE SEND A NOTE TO SUPPORT@CHMOUSE.COM. ChurchBook/HomeOwnersAssociation (CB/HOA ) is designed for use in keeping records for small and intermediate sized HOAs. Primary emphasis is on establishing the monthly Dues Receivable for all lots (units), and producing statements if and as required. It is set up for processing two ACH receipts per month automatically.

Price : $150.00

CB/HOA uses advanced “Switchboards” to logically group functions that go together, and allow you to go directly to them. HOA Definitional functions are accessed from the Main Switchboard; the major groupings: Income, Disbursements, and Administrative are found in sub-switchboards. All supporting functions for these groupings are accessed by the click of a button on individual switchboards.

HOA Definition Buttons

The HOA is defined first as an entity with a name and address, and then as all of the Lots (or building units) that make it up. Finally, the initial and subsequent ownership of the Lots is attached to Homeowners (Lot Owners). Records are established for each of these items, and another function allows the transfer of ownership of the Lots to new Homeowners.

Accounting Setup

Here you define the income and expense accounts you want to use to manage your HOA. Starter sets of accounts are provided for overall guidance, but they allow you to be as detailed as you desire in tracking. The system allows multiple Assets (bank/investment accounts) with Funds and/or Liabilities under each; then each Fund and Liability has its own Income and Expense Accounts.

Income Processing

This application allows you to define standard monthly dues assessments and special assessments, and the monthly interest rate for late payments added to the assessments. Then each month you create receivables for each Lot/Units owner. Provisions are made for statements to all owners, selective statements, and individual statement calculation and printing. Receipts are recorded against these payables. Provisions are made for bank debits (ACH) processing of the monthly dues, where one click will allow the posting of all scheduled ACH receipts.


This application addresses Accounts Payable and Check Creation or Entry, and the ability to view payments made. Payables may be spread over single or multiple expense accounts.

ChurchBook/HomeOwnersAssociation (CBW6.accde) is designed with easy-to-use Microsoft User Interface. Please click on the imbedded links to see examples of some of the more important functions:

  • You Install quickly.
  • You see advanced Windows & Access User Interfaces (Switchboards).
  • A starter set of (accounting tables is provided. You can add others or modify those supplied.
  • Data records are used to populate the tables and assist in selecting attributes or setting budgets.
  • You enter your own constant data (Lots/Units), and expand as needed.
  • You establish the monthly dues and special billing types.
  • You create Receivables by month, and enter Receipts by date.
  • You establish Accounts Payable records for your suppliers as required.
  • You write checks on the system or enter them manually.
  • You ask for Reports for display or printing.
  • Microsoft Office Links allows you to publish or merge (MS Word), or analyze (MS Excel) reports, tables, or queries.
  • You may create your own reports.

This form must be filled out completely before downloading the products. Please note that there is no charge for downloading. The program may be used for 60 days before payment is due. The registration allows us to notify users of changes to the program.

After registering with this form and getting verification, you will be redirected automatically to the actual download page.  Once there, click on the button to download the CBW6 Homeowners Association package.

Microsoft Access is required to use the CBW6 program. Microsoft has withdrawn support for the free Access Runtime 2002/2003 versions, and we are unable to furnish a working copy any longer.  If you have Windows Vista (2007) Operating System (or later), you can  download the Runtime code from Microsoft (free) using the link on the Download page.

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You may download the Help files by clicking on either of the following links:

For the HTML version, click

For the PDF version, click

The .chm (Compressed Hypertext Markup) file can be viewed with an internet browser (Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer). The .pdf file can be viewed with an Adobe Reader (free).

These files are zipped in order to allow you to download them, otherwise your browser will try to open them and you will see all sorts of gibberish. You will need to unzip them upon downloading.

The unzipped file names are CBW6Help.chm and CBW6Help.pdf.

You should tell your browser to download them into your MyDownloads folder. Then do the following:

  • Locate the zip files in the downloaded folder.
  • Right click on the zipped file name.
  • Select “Extract All”
  • Instruct the Extraction Wizard to unzip the contents into the folder “c:\CBW6” to enable you to use it with your CBW6.mde program.


We have used ChurchMouse for many, many years and we have had the utmost support whenever we needed it.  Keep up the good work!


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I have been amazed at all that Church Mouse can do.  An excellent program and even better support.

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