About ChurchMouse Development

At ChurchMouse Development, we’re a small company, incorporated in 1992 drawing on 14 years’ experience with church accounting. Our mission is the development of easy-to-use church accounting software and software for church record keeping and church management. We feel that financial controls start with church accounting; church management starts with church accounting; and church recordkeeping starts with church accounting. Similarly in 2010, based on similar experience with trying to keep track of HOA receivables on spread sheets, we modified the income part of CBW5 to reflect the contractual dues income (vs. voluntary church pledges), and made the results into CBW6.

Although we’re not a non-profit company, we have only two financial goals:

  • We want to make it easy for volunteers (and salaried people) to keep track of their organization’s finances
  • We want to take in sufficient moneys for support to cover our operating expenses. We take no salary from the business.

The ChurchMouse programs have reflected the change in the computer/software industry: starting with IBM Basic, using 5.25″ floppy diskettes, to Borland Pascal and 3.5″ floppies, then on to MS Access and huge hard disk capacity. Along the way we attempted to eliminate the need for costly prerequisites and live within the disk capacity. Eventually, the superiority of Access data base software convinced us to use that for our foundation, and allowing us to reduce the price of our products. And the availability of the Access Runtime (free) product from Microsoft made the new CB/DB products superior to the ChurchBook for Windows forerunners.